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Sharing Digital Data in the Family – Part 1

In the ’old days’ it was possible to be satisfied with the family photo albums and a well curated collection of home DVDs and CDs. As we know, that all changed with the advent of iTunes, and became all the more complex with SMART phones.

Most families now have a formidable array of technologies at hand, but have yet to turn their attention to how to best integrate them and – crucial here – how to share the benefits around the family.

Our experience of this area has come increasingly from families looking to share and store their digital memories in an effective manner.

Think for a moment about how all your family’s digital media is being managed, stored and archived? In recent times, this has become somewhat chaotic. Lots of photos and video on iCloud, some ending up in Facebook, and so on. Most stuck on C drives somewhere.

There are also concerns that storing this data presents its own security issues. There have been a number of well documented cases of peoples images that were stored on reputable cloud storage solutions going into the public domain. No thanks.

There are 2 elements to a solution in this area:

1 – Digitising your analogue archive – Go digital! Scan and digitizing everything from 35mm film, slides, VHS cassettes, 8mm cine to a digital format that runs on your devices, from TV to SMART phone. More on this in Part 3. But first, where to store it all…

2 – Get off the Cloud! - Consolidate everything on your own server at home, which only family members’ computers, SMART phones etc. can access. Such servers are now super reliable, small and easy to set up and manage, including back up. There are shared sections and folders that only individual family members can access. More on this in Part 2, when my Technical Manager will set out the options and describes the system we have been running at Caroline B for the last 18 months.

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