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I didn't really know what to expect
"Starting out, I didn't know what to expect or have a clear idea of what would be useful.  But Caroline was able to take care of all kinds of varied tasks, helping me get my life organised.  Thank you!" Feb 2019 RDB
I needed control at a distance
"Thank you for your assistance!  Having a corporate apartment in another country is generally hard to deal with but having Caroline around to do the "leg work" in the city was very helpful.  Her knowledge of how locals do things was greatly appreciated and allowed us to get repairs and other things done at a sensible and fair price.  When it came to leaving, Caroline was super helpful in coordinating everything on the ground including the donation of fixtures and fittings we no longer needed. Having Caroline in Hong Kong coordinating the exit provided us with peace of mind that things would be done correctly and efficiently." June 2020 PMC

I threw all kinds of random tasks her way
"When I started with Caroline, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, all I knew was that I didn't have enough time to do all the things I needed to do. Over the following months, I threw all kinds of random tasks her way: bill paying, home improvement projects, elaborate gift ideas, trip itineraries from bookings to grocery deliveries, and more. When I knew what I wanted, she meticulously carried out my instructions. When I wasn't sure, she acted as an intelligent sounding board, filling in blanks and giving good suggestions. I'm grateful to her and her team, and I highly recommend their services". Nov 2018 CTS
I needed a complete solution
"Caroline and her team took on several enormous tasks that had been on my list for ages, and accomplished them beautifully. She provided a complete solution for our art collection - inventory, cataloging and storage - and I am grateful for her efficiency and thoroughness." Nov 2018 VCJ

I'm now online and secure
"My requirements of Caroline B have developed progressively as we have worked together; much of what I need to get done requires a high degree of trust and absolute confidentiality.  Tasks have included the archiving and digitizing of many years of documentation – I am now online! – and other duties related to IT, security and so on." April 2018 HXC

I need my life on track
“Caroline and her team have been doing a great job of helping me keep my life on track. For example they help me with the following jobs regularly- medical claims- expenses- distilling school emails into 1 bulleted list- keeping the family calendar fully updated.  On an ad hoc basis they have also organised- passport applications- office Christmas party- Christmas party for my parents- sourcing a bed for my helper - repair of a water heater- mammoth filing sessions- information gathering for services e.g. where to get something notarised - restaurant bookings- even spa appointments for my mum! The list goes on and on, trust me, it’s like having my own wife! I strongly recommend Caroline and Elena (and whoever else is working on my stuff in the background).” July 2014 PAC

I just moved to a new City
“Caroline and team made my relocation a much smoother and efficient process.  They took the learning curve out of moving to a new city and culture, which can be a big time and cost saver, which it certainly was.  I especially found the team to be useful throughout the search, contract, and furnishing of my new home, which I did not have the time or local knowledge to really carry out myself.  Additionally, there was not a task they refused or were not able to provide useful information or solutions on, no matter how obscure it may have been.  Thank you Caroline and team for your excellent work!” March 2017 BZM

I need to cut through red tape
“We hired Caroline B for a short two month period to help us with a move but found her so helpful we couldn't let her go! Caroline B is always two steps ahead, cutting through the red tape with utmost professionalism. She takes full responsibility accomplishing items on my to-do list faster than I ever could.” November 2016 HML

I need backup and more time
"My problem was spending too many weekends on personal administration, not being able to accept invitations because I had a backlog of items. The big plus with Caroline is she is online and responsive, so can deal with things as they come up or spring to mind. If I'm not available, she can deal with it. My requirements change from month to month, so we work on account, which suits my budget." April 2013 BJM
I need an office manager
"Caroline was recommended to me by a friend. She helped me re-organize my home office both physically and virtually (on line), as well as sourcing a difficult to find office item. She also sorted out all the office expenses, ready for the accountant. Money and time well spent, I would use her services again." December 2012 LE
I need another me
"Time is our most valuable asset. By hiring Caroline, I am able to leverage time; get more things done. It truly is like having an extension of myself! In some cases, like my recent home refurb and move, which took many months, it would have been impossible to do everything on my own. Caroline has the cunning attention to detail and tireless energy to see every project, big and small, through to completion and to the standard I would uphold for myself. Sorting closets, coordinating storage of overseas deliveries, analyzing insurance policies, researching and following up with vendors and merchants, managing all manner of household matters ...Caroline does it! And that affords me the freedom to do other things. I feel very fortunate to have such high quality help for my personal matters. I hope to use Caroline's services for many years to come. January 2013 KAM

I value my home life
"Thanks to you and all your team for all your help as it has been invaluable for me to keep my home life in order when I just completely fall off the grid with work!"  September 2014 TCA

I need a trusted adviser
"As an ex-pat who moved to Hong Kong from the United States, I quickly found that entering a new country requires local support that you can trust. There is so much that you simply do not know how to do, and even if you figured it out, you can be all but guaranteed that it will not meet your expectations or come with a incomprehensible level of frustration... Your new host country, while not on purpose, will not be so accommodating. Caroline B has figured it out, and if they haven't, they certainly will. Their services have become invaluable to me as a busy, constantly traveling executive in my new host country. The value of Caroline B's services is clear and simple: efficiency and accuracy. There is no question that you will get it done (whatever "it" is) and you will get it done right. Caroline B has become a trusted adviser in both my personal and professional life here in Hong Kong. In summary, I simply cannot live without the Caroline B team!"  March 2015 RAF
I have a full and busy life
"My role at the bank is regional and involves a lot of travel.  My wife also works and we have recently had our second child.  So life is full and busy. I have now been with Caroline B since May 2014 and these are my observations:  They have provided comprehensive support on managing a wide range of tasks: the school selection process for my daughter; identifying and sourcing gifts; shipment of goods from Europe; reorganizing my storage arrangements; connecting me with certain education and financial specialists. Caroline B is highly responsive and task driven.  Things get done!  In the main, we communicate by telephone and email wherever I am travelling, so I stay on top of things and can instruct the team to do tasks as they come to mind." March 2015 MJ
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