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It is fair to say that there are typical ways our clients initially come to us, and this has provided the inspiration behind our five 
Caroline B ‘characters’.
1. Hong Kong Bizman
2. Lady To Do
3. Ms Office Tidy
4. Mr Broker
5. Mr Overload
Do you recognize someone?
1. Busy Bizman

For some, the flight bags are never too far away. In their world, just keeping focused on the job is a challenge. What this client needs is a really good ‘ground crew’! For them, Caroline B is the one-shop solution to an uncontrolled ‘To Do List’, Hoorah!


2. Lady To Do

She’s a multi-tasking, job juggling maestro. But she needs a long term solution and is smart enough to realize that needs professional help. We admire Lady To Do. She’s a real winner in the game of time management. With this client, we often use on-line apps, for example to keep track of expenses.

3. Ms Office Tidy

To be productive, Ms Office Tidy needs things to be in order. And whilst modern technology would be a big help, no gadgets or complex instructions, please! Think of Caroline B as an admin make-over with sustainable results.


Mr-Broker-Weekend Cl 3 box.jpg
4. Mr Broker

Mr Broker works hard, plays hard. He would like to think he has the perfect work-life balance. Making this a reality for Mr Broker is really rewarding for all parties. This is the client who sends us photos from amazing places and with whom we have call-ins from new found time zones. Carpe diem Mr Broker!

5. Mr Overload

Mr Overload first calls us with a few ‘burning issues’. Unlike his friend, Mr Broker, he is naturally cautious about delegating personal management issues. Fly high, Mr Overload. The team at Caroline B is now in your corner and here to lighten the load. No more ‘nitty gritty stuff’ to drag you down!


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