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Caroline B is owned and run by Caroline Basham.


Caroline first came to Hong Kong back in 1995, working as an Asian equity broker. After stints in Taiwan and UK, she finished her banking career back in Hong Kong and decided to stay. The idea for Caroline B grew out of Caroline helping busy friends and ex-colleagues. The objective of the service is to allow you to stay productive, principally by removing the time consuming complexities of getting admin jobs done in Hong Kong.


Caroline explains:


“We don’t have a particular pre-set idea of what a client will need. At the initial meeting we work together to identify the main tasks to delegate, and take it from there. Building a relationship based on trust is key. No job is too small and the possibilities are endless. On any one day, we could be cleaning out storerooms, processing maids foreign travel visas, servicing a defective air con system and organizing a dinner party. My staff provide a deep local knowledge of Hong Kong that is invaluable for clients.”


Caroline is focused on bringing professionalism and a wider skill set to the private personal management market in Hong Kong. For her, it’s all about ‘doing the job properly’, maintaining high standards, but being pragmatic about the fact that Hong Kong does have its limitations.


The best part of my job is working in a small, well connected team who really understand what Caroline B is about and day in, day out, deliver a reliable service, at a level I would be pleased to receive myself.  Our mindset is to work in the clients best interests at all times. We strive for the best outcome because we care”.

Trust Caroline B to take care of the details – you take time out and enjoy your weekend.
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