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Analogue To Digital Conversion

Do you have a collection of old films, archive photos and videos that are gathering dust? Did you know they can be converted to a digital format that can be enjoyed on your computer, TV, SMART phone or tablet?  Caroline B offers just such a service.


Scope of service

We can handle near all analogue media.   We also sort, index and generally 'tidy up' existing family AV/photo archives.  Plus scan letters, documents, photo albums and much more. Our service is called 'A2D'.

Please see the A2D FAQs for more details and here for testimonials.

Three easy steps...
Step 1 -  Requirement & Quotation

You take photos of the media, estimate the quantities and send us all the details in an email addressed to:  This will give us a good idea of your requirement and allow us to price the work in a Quotation.  Please provide a phone number as we may need to call you for more information. We will send you a Quotation* as soon as possible.   


Step 2 - Delivery & Start Work

If you accept our Quotation, please email us to confirm.  You pay a deposit by bank transfer (details on the Quotation) and return a signed copy of the Quotation.  We will then contact you in order to agree a collection time and place.  Directly following the handover of the material, we provide a summary email confirming quantity and quality before we start the job.


Step 3 - Completion & Collection

As soon as we have completed the work, we prepare a final invoice and once the balance is paid, we agree a suitable time and place to deliver the job back to you. 

*NOTE: All 'A2D' services are offered subject to standard A2D service conditions that will be set out in the Quotation.  From 2020, the Customer will be contracting with Keyway Technical Services Limited.

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