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“Professional analogue to digital conversion service with courteous staff.  Made it possible to salvage old film reels from the 1950s and 1960s and convert them to readily playable content. My extended family was more than thrilled to be able to view precious home videos from decades past. Definitely worth the expense!"  Carol L 2021
“I really appreciate the service provided, and say thanks to Mr Michael. Your  company is well professional and serious."  Jean Pierre Chambraud 2018
“The VHS film of my investiture at Buckingham Palace is precious to me. A2D have done an amazing job converting the VHS film of my special day into a digital format that I can easily watch and share with my family.  I trust A2D with my old films and would happily use them again.”  Elspeth Collins-Taylor MBE  2018


“I used A2D to transfer from VHS to a digital format.  The process was efficient, good value and the files worked perfectly. I would happily use A2D's services again and recommended them to others.”  Allison Knight-Evans 2016
“A2D scanned all my hard copy photos, cards (birthday, Christmas, business etc) and paperwork that I had accumulated over my life into an organised, digitized system.  They returned the originals as needed and shredded those that I no longer required. The quality of scanning was excellent and the service was friendly and very efficient….I am now paper-free, except for what is required by law, all with thanks to A2D.”  Charlene Stenton-Dozy 2015
“A2D converted 11 precious family digital8 video tapes.  I was very relieved to finally have these memories put on digital files, which I can now share with all my family.  Thank you A2D! "  Andrew Watt  2015
 “A2D carried out 2 or 3 jobs for me, from ripping CDs, scanning treasured colour negatives and converting MiniDV tapes of the kids to MPG4 files.  They also did a lot of re-indexing of files and copied the lot to a new 1 Tb drive unit.  Some tricky conversions carried out without any fuss.  My family archive is now safely copied and ready for sharing."  Dr. Eugene Kwan 2016
“A2D undertook the digitisation of 14 VHS cassettes and some video editing, too.  My hobby for more than 30 years has been the collection of documents, archives and visual records preserving the history of China’s early railway development.   I required this conversion work because I have a collection of aging and deteriorating VHS video tapes which contain unique historic film footage of steam trains operating on the Chinese railway system during the 1970s-1990s. In recent years steam operations have been completely phased out on China’s railways and steam trains in China are now but a distant memory. The digitisation will enable these historic film clips to be preserved long after VHS format tapes become completely obsolete. These digital films will be available to the public in due course as part of the “P.A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection”.  The cassettes were collected and returned by hand – I had no concerns about the precious memories being lost in the mail (or sent over the internet) ...I am very pleased with the results, and intend to use A2D again when I discover more preservation material to convert."  Peter A. Crush 2020
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